I just finished reading Dungeon Crawler Carl (book #1) by Matt Dinniman. It falls under the LitRPG genre. I honestly expected not to like it, simply because of the genre. But I was wrong. Really wrong. It’s an excellent book, and I couldn’t put it down! I must read book #2!

In a strange way, I’m excited that I can order new glasses today. I was forced to wait an entire year for a new prescription by my insurance company, even though I needed it updated a while back. I’m looking forward to seeing things clearly again!

I finally had some time this afternoon to refresh my memory on using my slide rule. Although I only briefly learned about them in school, my mother used one growing up. There is a nice vintange video online teaching people how to read them.

Today I made the switch to a Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 phone. I have to admit, I was apprehensive about a folding screen, but it really does work well. I’m also using a Galaxy Watch 5, and the form factor is much better than my Apple Watch.

We had an enjoyable time at the open house for the Luminary Arts Center in Minneapolis yesterday afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing some nice opera performances there. It has a very cozy feel to it, and seats 225 people.

Kids today do not appreciate the classics. We showed our daughter Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and her only comment was: “How long was that day?” Such a great movie, and you know you are quoting a line from that movie in your head right now.

I propose a new concept called the “True Price”. If you sell goods or services, you need to list the true price a consumer will pay for that item. No “convenience fees” added when you check out and taxes must be included. I’m tired of paying more than the advertised price.

One of the biggest lies we hear everyday is the phrase “Please listen closely as our options have changed.” Who is calling customer service phone numbers so often that they have the button presses memorized and needs to hear this message?

Today is the day that I switch back to using a paper planner. I’m wondering how long it will be before I make my first mistake? I hate that part. Best to get it over with early so I can just enjoy it.

We have some milkweed plants growing in our backyard in an area that I let grow naturally. I saw this guy on one of the plants yesterday. Anyone know if it will turn into a Monarch butterfly?

I spent some time yesterday trying to solve Problem #60 from Project Euler. I have code that I think would work, but it takes too long to run (like the age of the universe). Now I need to learn to optimize my code so it only takes a minute or two, then I can solve this problem.

I was looking for a way to write python code on my iPad. I just found Colab, which runs in any web browser. This looks really interesting. You can add text, graphics, LaTeX, and markdown. And it’s free and can be used on any device!

Yesterday I decided that I was going back to a paper planner (Plum Paper). I’ve always been heavily invested in technology, but I love the fact that I can take time to sit with my daughter and work on our “journals” together. She has a Bullet Journal and I plan out my week, all while we listen to her favorite music (usually Taylor Swift). Eventually I won’t have this opportunity, so I’m willing to give up technology to make that happen.

At a restaurant yesterday evening, I came across this vault door. It was dripping with history, and I would love to know what valuables it previously protected!

We enjoyed the chance to explore some of Minneapolis a few days ago. We found this tunnel, and wonder where it goes?

This is the set from the play Emma which is playing now at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful evening, and we were able to walk to the show. The set was nicely done, visually appealing, and the performance was quite entertaining!

I’m excited to be able to bike to work today. I had other commitments the past two days and had to drive. For some reason, biking to work makes it a good day.

We finallly made it to see Top Gun last night. Like others have said, it was an excellent movie. Of course, it makes me wish I was flying a jet instead of going to work today. And it makes me wish I was 18 again.

Yesterday we enjoyed the Minnesota Orchestra’s International Day of Music. It was 12 hours of various performances. We saw a bell choir, K-pop groups, a dance competition, and Swahili music. All of it was free. An excellent summer day!

Each morning, I enjoy looking at Micro.blog to see all of the photos uploaded by others. I always find something new and interesting to examine.

One of the things that I think is amazing about the new James Webb telescope image is that the photo might include a LOT of life in our university. We will never know. Maybe there are civilizations more advanced than us, or far behind us. But I suspect they are out there.

While trying to swap phone numbers on two cell phones in our account, Verizon did something unusual. Both numbers had issues, and their solution was to wait 24 hours for the numbers to reset. That meant no cell service on either phone. It was surprisingly freeing.

Today I get to replace a dumb thermostat with a smart thermostat. I cannot wait to program it to improve the quality of our lives, but I’m also a little worried because it has an indoor air quality sensor. What if it tells us our air is bad?

Today we biked to the 2022 Pride March in Minneapolis. We had a great time, and the vibe was really positive. Everyone is welcome and valued in Minnesota. You be you!

Yesterday I explored a new building that I had never seen before. It was quite old, but filled with character.