It’s too cold to go outside this morning. It’s -19 degrees (F) (-28 ©). Instead, I think everyone should be allowed to stay home, turn up the heat, and make hot chocolate with marshmallows.

It’s been a few years since I used Samsung Dex. After watching a video of it, it looks impressive. Unfortunately, I use an iPhone. Why can’t we use our phones as computers? I’d love to just plug my phone in at work or at home and not have to carry a laptop.

My alternative is to switch to Android, and then I could use Dex. But iMessage has a lock on everyone in our family, so I would be the odd one out. I want to fit in, yet I also desire to try new things.

Very sad to hear about Meat Loaf’s passing. We enjoyed listening to his albums while working in a theater in college. I have wonderful memories singing to his songs (loudly) in an empty theater while we set up the lights for plays.

I enjoy reading, but often wonder if I should write something myself instead? I have more ideas than I know what to do with, but a nagging voice inside my head tells me that none of them are good enough. How do authors resolve this inner dialog?

A snowy bike commute this morning.

Just saw this quote today and thought it was true:

“Adding car lanes to deal with traffic is like loosening your belt to cure obesity.” - Lewis Mumford, 1955

Today I found a new word that perfectly describes my lifestyle – Solarpunk. It’s a genre and movement that focuses mainly on renewable energy, living in harmony with nature, and the better future envisioned through both. It fits.

Yesterday we opened a bag of coffee which was a different blend. It did not taste good. So today we opened another bag of our regular coffee. Everyone can relax. Life is back to normal.

The temperature outside this morning is -20 (F) or -29 ©. I was really excited yesterday when I thought I was going to bike to work in this weather. The challenge seemed formidable, and only comes along once a year. I was ready.

Unfortunately, HR just informed me I was a close contact to someone who tested positive, so I’m stuck working from home today to keep others safe. sigh I guess there is always next year.

Last week I was introduced to LaTeX. No, not the rubbery stuff, the software that helps you prepare documents. It not only makes it easy to apply consistent formatting, but it also helps make your document look good. It takes about 10 minutes to learn, but works wonders!

Today I put on a new sweater that I purchased last weekend. I very rarely shop for new clothes, primarily because I dislike shopping and trying to pick something out. I have to admit, the feeling you get from wearing something new is wonderful!

Yesterday my wife reminded me that our refrigerator is 50 degrees warmer than it is outside right now.

It’s -6 degrees F (-21 C) outside right now, and instead of sleeping in, I was outside with my son trying to bounce a radio signal off the international space station (via APRS). My ham radio transmission was only 5 watts of power (a cell phone is about 1 watt). We succeeded!

This morning my son and I successfully captured (part of) our first Slow Scan TV transmission (SSTV) from the International Space Station using a handheld ham radio. I had some issues starting it correctly, which is why it is cut off. But I’m amazed it worked!

Happy Boxing Day! Not sure why it is called that, but I like to think it is because this is the day when we try to stuff all of the cardboard boxes into our recycling bin and realize that they won’t fit.

This morning our son and daughter had us get up early, not because it is Christmas, but to watch the James Webb space telescope launch. We watched the launch and dreamed of the images it would return in the future. Science rocks! Check out where it is in real time here!

Looking forward to a wonderful dinner this evening.

We need to declutter before a big move in about three months. To make it easier, I’ve been getting rid of one thing every day. It’s a small action that has big consequences over time. I like to tackle large projects this way, which makes them seem smaller.

This was one of my most active years biking. It would have been more, but my commute is only 3 miles (5 km).

Yet another truck blocking the path on the way to work today. Thankfully the snow wasn’t deep, so I was able to go around.

Yesterday it was 58 degrees (F) (14.4 C) here. Today, when I rode into work, it was 23 degrees (F) (-5 C). Quite a difference!

A very foggy bicycle commute today. They are predicting 60 mph (96 kph) winds this afternoon. I really hope that is a tailwind!

This is an example of what happens when cities try to save money and snow plow drivers do not take pride in their work. Instead of clearing the street and paths carefully to make it easy for residents to use public infrastructure, they take the easy way out.

This comes out every Christmas.

A new low-temperature commuting record this year: 4 degrees (f)