Yesterday I was able to finally take photos of M31, otherwise known as the Andromeda galaxy. I will process my photos later today to see if any turned out. M31 is a large spiral galaxy located about 2.5 million light-years away from Earth. It’s hard to believe, but when the light left that galaxy for me to photograph, early humans lived on Earth in caves or simple huts and were hunters and gatherers. I wonder what they would think if they could see the Earth now?

Kris @Alligator

Although I have many years of formal education, most of what I've learned has come from experimenting and trying to solve problems on my own. Once an idea for a project is set in my mind, it is all-consuming and one must learn everything possible about the subject on the way to the outcome. For learning is more than reading books and spoken word, it is hours of frustration, trial and error, and one sudden flash of insight when the world magically makes sense. It is during this moment when I am truely alive.