I miss the old days before computers when businesses were actually able to help customers with problems on the fly. Now, when you call a business for assistance, the person you speak to is not authorized to do anything but follow a script with listed options. If their computer doesn’t tell them what to do, they can’t do it.

I wish people were able to take a step back and understand the situation, and then help you come up with a reasonable solution that benefits everyone.

Kris @Alligator

Although I have many years of formal education, most of what I've learned has come from experimenting and trying to solve problems on my own. Once an idea for a project is set in my mind, it is all-consuming and one must learn everything possible about the subject on the way to the outcome. For learning is more than reading books and spoken word, it is hours of frustration, trial and error, and one sudden flash of insight when the world magically makes sense. It is during this moment when I am truely alive.